You might find it shocking that most consumers don’t make purchases after an initial site visit.

As a consumer and a seller, you probably already understand how customer engagement works and some of the metrics needed to boost happiness and turn potential customers into actual buyers.

But what you probably don’t realize is that even knowing these things won’t prepare you for this: a staggering 98 percent of all consumers never make a purchase after just one visit. That’s probably more than you thought, right?

What’s more daunting is that even when visiting a brand’s website or mobile app with…

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content is at the core of any valid growth-driven SEO, and to an extent, the digital marketing strategy.

Content gives value to the site. It is the reason users visit and spend time on the website. The content itself though, similarly as websites, is wildly different throughout the internet.

Certain websites are focused only on image-based content, some on video but a majority of websites have the written text as a part of their content and presentation.

Here let’s focus on general business, product, blog, text-based websites that are commonly present throughout the internet. …

In their 2021 CMO Top Strategic Priorities webinar, Gartner presented a very interesting key finding:

95% of surveyed CMOs believe brands should take a lead in finding solutions to major societal and cultural issues. [1]

This is a really interesting insight.

Surely, it doesn’t specify which issues are we concerned about or talking about. But considering various global challenges and marketing’s insistence on brand purposes — it can be argued that marketers, like everyone, want a better world.

On the other hand, and which I’d argue here, of that what is wrong in the today’s world — at least in…

burning tire, skidding, representing friction
burning tire, skidding, representing friction

Optimizing the sign-up flow is a never-ending saga for SaaS companies, for whom it’s mission-critical to acquire and activate users as quickly as possible.

Within the sign-up flow, the dreaded word is “friction.” Sadhana Balaji sums it up:

You can optimize your value proposition or call to action buttons all you want, but if your sign-up flow contains too much friction, you’re leaving money on the table.

Friction, Sadhana continues, is “the psychological resistance that your visitors experience when trying to complete an action.” It’s a conversion killer. …

A company-wide understanding of user/customer engagement should be a standardized, cross-departmental practice.

A company-wide understanding of user/customer engagement should be a standardized, cross-departmental practice. If you’re still not there, you’re lagging behind. This article will help you discover why it’s not ideal for you and your business.

A majority of points here may not apply to all businesses out there. But as long as your business has any touchpoints with the user/audience/customer over any type of digital content or medium, we assure you’ll learn something new.

Peter Drucker’s “ what gets measured, gets managed “ proclamation points to an obvious…

There’s an interesting paradox in the digital marketing and analytics landscape.

On one hand there’s a need to measure, test, and benchmark everything. On the other, it seems that the analytics are underused, underinvested, or simply stuck at a basic level.

Data analytics for digital marketing is booming. In fact, over 70 million websites are using analytics tools. Google Analytics alone covers 40% of that.

Image courtesy of BuiltWith

And that’s just the websites. Everything else is tracked as well: social media engagement, open rates, clicks, impressions and whatnot.

Now there are various digital marketing analytics software tools providing different insights, data and covering…

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