A better world requires better marketers

Make no mistake about it, marketers are powerful

At first, it might seem like a far-fetched statement, but it's true. Consider all those professionals building and communicating product loved by everyone.

The marketers' sins

There’s a lot of good — and sadly bad — work marketers share with the world.


By definition, advertising includes the techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice to persuade the public to respond in a certain way toward what is advertised.[2].

Image 1. Visual pollution (source hubton.com)
Image 2. Digital Ad Pollution (source: RSO Consulting)
Image 3. An example of a bad ad (source: Business Insider)
Image 4. Another body-shaming ad (source: Business Insider)
Image 5. A failure from Nivea (source: Business Insider)
Image 6. Another failure from Dove (source: Business Insider)

Attention marketing

One of the biggest ways the internet changed the marketing world is the creation of almost unlimited channels and platforms where marketers can push their advertising and messaging.

Image 7. User Attention Dwindling (source: UX Studio Team)
Image 8. Struggles in measuring Social Media ROI (Source: MDG Advertising)
Image 9. Click baits example (source: Wikipedia)

Support for shady websites and publishers

Yes, the third marketers' sin is all about getting the cash by harvesting user attention.

Advertising supporting shady websites

As hinted earlier, attention is really valuable. Simply because you can monetize that attention on a website by serving ads.

Image 10. Complex display advertising landscape (source: LUMAScape)
Image 11. Nandini Jammi intro into the Uber research (source: Nandini’s Twitter)

How can marketers help build a better world?

In essence — to help build a better world — marketers should just be better at what they do.

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